Configure a domain name

After installing your server and adding an app to it, you want your app to be accessible on a domain name, right? Once more, adding a domain name is really simple. The only manual step involved is setting up your DNS records to point to your app server’s IP address.

Linking a domain name

From your app server’s apps overview page, go into your app. You’ll see the following screen:

Click on the “Domains” tab under your app name, which will bring you to the page to manage domain names for your app.

To the right you see the “Add a new domain” form. Enter the domain name that you want your app to be accessible on, and click “Add”.

Next steps

Before deploying, you need to point the domain name’s A and/or AAAA records to the IP of your app server. But first, we’ll take a look at adding a database to your app.