Add deploy key

Almost there! We’ve installed a server, created an app, configured a domain name for it and enabled a database server. All with just entering some forms, waiting a few minutes and clicking a few buttons. All we need to do before deploying, is give your workstation access to the server so it can deploy via git push.

Adding your key

In the Intercity dashboard, browse to your app server and click the “Deploy Keys” tab. This will show you the following page:

In the form on the right of this page, enter a name for your current workstation in the first field. For example: “Michiel’s MacBook Pro”. In the larger “SSH Key” field, copy and paste the contents of your ~/.ssh/

If you’re on a Mac, you can do this by running the following command in your terminal:

$ cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy

Paste inside the “SSH Key” field and click “Create new deploy key”.

Your Intercity instance will now give your machine access to deploy to your app server. Let’s go ahead and deploy!